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Problems of POS management CBMS point of sale software


Challenges in point of sale management

Complicated supply chain and shipping partners management.

Lose control of sales performance and stock on hand at stores.

Time-consuming accounting process for each store.

Difficulties in simultaneously managing staff in all stores.

Unexpected payment and price issues affect customer experience.

Are you finding a one-stop-shop solution to streamline the POS management process? Look no further than CBMS POS software!

Outstanding features of CBMS Point of Sale software

With CBMS POS software, you can effortlessly manage stores, sales staff, operations, inventory, and pricing from a single software with multidimensional reports.

Multiple points of sale management

CBMS POS allows store owners to create and centrally manage multiple points of sale. The software automatically aggregates customer data and sale policies from multi stores on one platform.

CBMS Multi point of sale software

Sessions management

  • Provide specific information for each session of the retail outlet by the point of sale name, person in charge, journal entries, opening date, closing date, etc.

  • Rigorously control cash fund by the face values at session opening/closing.

  • Aggregate orders in each sales session by payment method (Cash, Bank, etc.).

  • Keep track of orders and daily targets with real-time data.

viindoo point of sale software

Manage employees at points of sales

  • Diverse methods to log in to the sales session (Select by name or scan Barcode).

  • Accurately manage the number of cashiers/sales staff in each session, displaying employee names by shift.

  • Allow changing employee names in session to control shift change and transparent statistics of individual sales.

  • Monitor and evaluate the work efficiency of sales staff according to individual sales in CBMS POS store management software.

Product management and pricing policy

  • Allow displaying different product categories at points of sale.

  • Plan product portfolio by group, variant (Color, size, material, etc.) and allow to attach photos.

  • Instantly update Pricelists, Promotions, Discounts. Support running multiple price lists for a product in parallel (Wholesale, retail, etc.)

Pricelist point of sale software

Strictly control payment process

Suitable payment methods available (Cash, Bank, Rewards Points).

Cash funds at stores are in control.

Manage invoices/ receipts as soon as transactions are completed.


Simple and easy to understand interface

  • Parallel processing multiple orders with a clear interface.

  • Simple payment, exchange/return, refund operation. New sales staff can easily get used to the software.

  • Allow the flow from weighing product -> printing barcode with price -> making payment immediately

More detail CBMS POS User Guide

Stay activated even when the Internet is disconnected

  • By connecting at the start of a sales session, the system will work seamlessly even if there is an internet problem.
  • Automatically synchronize data as soon as there is the internet.

 Multi-device connection at the store

Support quick operation with ioT box of high-configuration POS devices
(Barcode Printers, Barcode Scanners, Electronic Scales, Automatic Cash Drawer Safes, Weighing Scales etc.)
. Connect to a wide range of available devices

(PCs, Laptops, iPads, POS Monitors, etc.).





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POS devices

Real-time, and intuitive reporting system of CBMS Point of Sale Software

  • Analyze reports in multiple dimensions: By sales order, by a customer, by an employee, by session, etc. to manage the chain of stores more effectively.
  • Support reporting in different views: Pivot table, pie chart, column chart, line graph.


 Fully integrated with other CBMS applications

viindoo accounting icon Accounting – Collect the customer data: orders, invoice, delivery bills, etc…

viindoo sales icon Sales – Optimize the sales process for POS, create invoices quickly.

viindoo invoicing icon Invoice – Create a professional invoice within ONE click and receive the payment faster.

viindoo inventory icon Inventory  Control stocks, synchronize data, reinforce the supply orders automatically.


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